Theres a good chance you have arrived here because there is an area you would like some help with - maybe its a health issue or you would like to lose weight? Or maybe you simply don't feel as great as you know you should and feel something is missing? Whatever those reasons are, you have come to the right place and Ill be happy to schedule a free 10 minute call with you to discuss them and how I can help.

Im a Health and Wellness Coach & Kinesiologist. Working with clients to understand their issues and then defining their health and wellness goals and achieve them. Key areas that I specialise in are Kinesiology, Nutritional Programmes and Plans, Coaching.


What I can offer

My areas of expertise are:


Nutritional Programmes and Plans

Coaching for a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

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What Is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is a holistic treatment which can address a number of health complaints.  It involves light muscle testing to find areas of imbalance in the body and then treatment involves lymphatic massage, nutrition, acupuncture point tracing, neuro vascular points and emotional work along with various other techniques depending on the problem...

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The Balanced Kiwi Blog

Here is where I write about and discuss various aspects of health, wellness and nutrition.   Informative and fun, It could be the latest food trend, a delicious recipe, environmental topics, key facts about a nutritional supplement or simply my passion for all things digestion and our oh so amazing microbiome! 

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Feel tired or lack energy?


Experiencing aches and pains or battling a chronic health complaint?

Or perhaps you just want to lose weight?

Then my 21 day purify programme is designed for you!


For everyone, well-being is a journey... The secret is committing to that journey and taking those first steps with hope and belief in yourself.

โ€” Deepak Chopra

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A Bespoke Service

You are unique.  No individual is the same as you and therefore what makes you happy and healthy and what will get you there is specific to you.  As such my work is bespoke for the individual .