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Naomi Smith

Kia Ora - Hello! A little about me....

Born and bred in NZ, I am grateful to have experienced the best in nature and opportunities to grow and develop myself.  After a few years in Australia followed by extensive travelling throughout the world I stopped off in the UK for what I thought would be a couple of years - I have now lived here 14 years.

Whilst currently residing in Surrey, I spent 10 years in London which has led me through a fascinating journey into the area of health and wellness.  I have experienced a number of lifestyle /  health issues in that time, stress, weight gain, low energy to name a few and when I signed up for a foundation course in Kinesiology I began to full understand the connections between my own health issues and the choices I was making, as well a deeper understanding of my own body.  

I am now Health and Wellness coach and a fully qualified Kinesiologist and Nutritional Therapist.  I work with a number of clients who experience everything from serious health concerns  to just wanting  lose a bit of weight and feel better about themselves. I am deeply passionate about empowering my clients to transform their body and health through real and positive change. 

My passions in this life  aside my clients are travel, food and hanging out with my gorgeous daughter.



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